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Exhibitions: World of the world Wataru Yamakami Solo Exhibitions

  28 – 31 March 2024
wamono art
  23 March – 11 May 2024

Wataru Yamakami, World of the world – Bridge, 2020,
Oil on canvas, 130.3 x 194 x 3 cm

Wataru Yamakami, World of the world – Screen, 2020,
Oil on canvas, 130.3 x 194 x 3 cm

Wataru Yamakami, Totem 02, 2017
Oil on canvas, 116.7 x 91 x 3 cm

Wataru Yamakami, Totem 04, 2018
Oil on canvas, 116.7 x 91 x 3 cm

Wataru Yamakami, World of the world – Twilight control, 2018
Oil on canvas, 130 x 162 x 3 cm

VIP Preview: 27 March 14:00-18:00
Night Central: 28 March 17:00-21:00
Public days: 28 March 12:00-17:00 / 29 March 12:00-18:00 / 30 March 11:00-19:00 / 31 March 11:00-17:00

Booth C16 & P03
Central Harbourfront, 9 Lung Wo Road, Hong Kong


wamono art
23 March – 11 May 2024

VIP Artist Opening (invitation only)
Tuesday 26 March 17:00-20:00

Saturday Opening 12:00-18:00
23 March #SouthSideSaturday
30 March / 6, 13, 20, 27 April / 4, 11 May

Art Week Special Opening
Sunday 24 March 12:00-16:00
Monday 25 March 12:00-18:00
Tuesday 26 March 12:00-17:00
Wednesday 27 March 12:00-18:00
Thursday 28 March 10:00-18:00
Friday 29 March 12:00-18:00

Monday-Friday (1 April-10 May): By appointment
Closed on Sunday & Public holiday

wamono art
WerkRaum, Unit A, 10/F, Derrick Industrial Building,
49 Wong Chuk Hang , Hong Kong
黃竹坑道 49 號得力工業大廈 10 樓 A 室

WhatsApp 852 6822 2962
Admission: Free

Wataru Yamakami

wamono art presents solo exhibition of Wataru Yamakami in Hong Kong for the first time at two venues: Art Central 2024 and wamono art gallery in Wong Chuk Hang.

Yamakami’s themes are “proliferation and transformation”, “connection of boundaries” and “exploration of connection points”. Since childhood, Yamakami has had doubts and fears that everything that happens in the world is a fake or a fiction, and creating artwork is a way for him to connect himself with this invisible realm. Through motifs such as slime, minerals, drifting objects, natural phenomena, festivals and rituals, he tries to create his “truth“ with “seamless and elusive connection” that everything existing in this world is in flux and changes in both form and essence.

His two solo exhibitions will feature oil paintings and a sculpture, with a focus on his signature “World of the world” series, which he began in 2010. In addition, as an extension of this signature series, a new series of Festival-themed oil painting will be presented. At Art Central, Yi Tai Project will present his latest work, “World of the world- Sequence of presence and absence”, a 3.5 x 7 meter double-sided acrylic paint installation.

We are inviting viewers to immerse themselves in Yamakami’s unique world at two different venues.


Born in Kochi Prefecture in 1981. Started graffiti on the streets of Tokyo from the age of 16.
At the age of 18, Yamakami embarked on a hitchhiking trip and traveled around Japan, Thailand, India and South American countries for about four years while creating art works. In India he spent about a year moving from place to place studying religion and rituals. He became interested in shamanism and traveled around Peru in South America, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina, and held his first solo exhibition in Cusco, Peru.
Yamakami’s themes of ‘proliferation and transformation’, ‘connection of boundaries’, and ‘exploration of connection points’ are the origins of encounters with shamans, indigenous peoples, and hippies. The act of painting and making things is an attempt to connect this world full of questions with Yamakami himself.
He won Special Award, The 12th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art in 2009, and Runner-up Prize and Audience Award, Tokyo Midtown Award in 2013.
In 2019, he received a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for Upcoming Artists and stayed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Heri Dono, an artist representing Indonesia was the host. In 2020, a solo exhibition was held at the space, Studio Karahan established by Heri Dono.
In 2022, he held a solo exhibition World of the World – Gathering wind, to send off into the sky at the Nizayama Forest Art Museum, Toyama in Japan which used a former hydroelectric power plant. He presented an installation in which a huge 7m x 12m painting and it’s moved by the wind.

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