Takao Inoue>Tampopo Blowin’ 10.385

  • Tampopo Blowin' 10.385, 2018Sold
  • Acrylic, dandelion
    H 10.385 x 6 x 6 cm
  • By capturing a moment of things that are short-lived, like photographs, in a permanent material, it makes viewers look at it more closely. I am stimulating the visual sense and creating work that releases the viewer from lazy habits and constraints that hide in daily life. Because the amount of visual information that can be analyzed is excessive, the viewer's brain gets tricked and normal concepts do not function well. As time goes on, the only thing that matters is what is directly in front of us and other sensations fade away. In this chaotic capitalist society I hope to find a small gap in which there is a clear pause for contemplation and also a clue to problem solving.
Takao Inoue
​Born in Fukuoka, Japan
Assistant cinematographer, Dentsu Prox (current Dentsu Tec)
​B.A., Seinan Gakuin University, Faculty of Commerce, Fukuoka, Japan
Inspired by the works of Shiro Kuramata researching the designer
Became independent and moved to Tokyo. Worked as a freelance photographer and cinematographer in cinema and advertisement
Hummingbird Photography Award, Shinpusha Publishing
Through an encounter with an acrylic fabricator working with Shiro Kutamata, launched his own career as an artist
​Started series embedding dandelions inside acrylic
Completed Dandelion (Tampopo), begun in 2004
Founding partner and president of Lighting Art Gallery, sponsored by Yamagiwa Art Foundation
Curated Ex Lighting Art exhibition, Lighting Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Director of photography for film Karappo, directed by Shogo Kusano
​Organic EL installation, Dew exhibition, Tennozu site, Tokyo, Japan
Installation, Every Kinda People, Warehouse Terrada, Tokyo, Japan
Installation, Dew, Zaku Zaku, Tokyo, Japan
Succeeded embedding a fresh flower inside acrylic
​Participated as a guest speaker in the lecture, Shiro Kuramata for 21st century, by Roger Griffith (Associate Sculpture Conservator, The Museum of Modern Art, New York) held at Kogakuin University School of Architecture, Tokyo, Japan
​Lecturer, Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan
Participated as a guest speaker in a lecture by a lead designer at Zaha Hadid Architects held at Kogakuin University School of Architecture, Tokyo, Japan
​Lecturer, Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

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